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Center for Research and Expertise on Education and Development

CREED is a unique organization in the development sector, born of twenty years of international experience. CREED places knowledge at the heart of change processes. Its ambition is to develop innovative services based on evidence-based research, adapted to the needs of the development, scientific, academic communities in the North and South.

Projects led by CREED and its partners produce useful results that improve development practices and strengthen the impact of academic work


CREED meets the needs of its clients by developing bespoke methodologies that allow to learn from experience and promote innovation


CREED draws on its rich experience and broad network of associated experts to share its knowledge through targeted trainings on the stages of the project cycle


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Teacher, researcher, head of research and higher education structure, development or financing officer, CREED offers tools and methods adapted to your needs.

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The research activities of CREED are primarily aimed at improving the quality of our expertise. Faced with the conceptual or practical difficulties we encounter in implementing our activities, we seek to produce new knowledge that helps us overcome them.


Directly coming from our experience and the results of our research, CREED’s services are based on classic techniques of animation, support and contextual analysis, which we have adapted to the needs and constraints specific to the cooperation sector. academic and scientific.


For CREED, the knowledge produced and the skills developed by the experience gain an extra dimension when they are shared. That’s why we offer tailor-made training on all the topics that surround the entire cycle of a research project. The format is variable and the content worked to adapt to the objectives of our partners.

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