UNI.AO 2020-2024 – Supporting Higher Education in Angola

Program funded by the European Union whose objective is to support the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Research (MESCTI) and the institutions that make up the Angolan higher education system in the production of knowledge and innovation and in the learning of skills to encourage employment.


Its general objective is to increase economic diversification and job creation in priority sectors.


The specific objectives of the project are as follows:

(1) Strengthen the alignment between governance and policy instruments in the field of higher education for postgraduate research specialization in the priority sectors;

(2) Increase specialization and recognition of postgraduate institutions;

(3) Improve equal access to postgraduate degrees and career development for vulnerable groups


Expected results

→ Better alignment between governance decision-making platforms, information systems and quality assurance mechanisms

→ Outcome-oriented funding instruments and incentives are created to promote differentiated specialization at the postgraduate level.

→ Strengthening of the inter-ministerial cooperation mechanism for the implementation of differentiated expertise at the postgraduate level

→ Institutions have the autonomy and flexibility to develop competitive advantages in areas of expertise at the postgraduate level.

→ Institutions have the capacity to develop their expertise at the postgraduate level and to formulate projects to finance their implementation.

→ Postgraduate students and teachers from the target groups and communities are more equally represented in the different disciplines and professions.

→ Students and job seekers have easy access to information on educational choices, scholarships, and career advancement at the graduate level.


CREED’s responsibilities

After having accompanied the formulation of the UNI.AO project, CREED has been assigned to lead the project. Technical assistance includes monitoring program implementation with respect to activities related to improving MESCTI governance, support for dialogue with higher education institutions and interministerial mechanisms for implementing the higher education diversification strategy, monitoring and evaluation of financial and technical support mechanisms of MESCTI departments (GEPE, GTI) and entities under the Ministry’s supervision (INAARES, INAGBE) and stakeholders.



Expertise France, European Union 


Additional information

On the website Expertise France : UNI.AO – Programme d’appui à l’enseignement supérieur – Former des cadres supérieurs pour développer et diversifier l’économie angolaise

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