URBAYITI 2017-2021

As a European Union support program for the urban sector in Haiti, URBAYITI contributes to the economic and social development of Haiti and to the resilience of urban populations by improving the management and quality of life of cities.



1/ Strengthening the governance of the urban sector, at national and local levels:
Legal and institutional structuring of the sector, capacity building of actors, effective participation of citizens and civil society in urban life.


2/ Strengthening the resilience of cities and urban populations:
Improving access to basic services, reducing economic and social vulnerabilities and mitigating natural risks.


Expected results


→ The legal, regulatory and institutional framework for urban development and the skills to implement it are improved

→ Civil society plays its role in urban development

→ Access to basic services for the most vulnerable populations is improved

→ Conditions for the economic and social development of urban areas are improved and ensure the inclusion of the most vulnerable households

→ Urban Populations Build Resilience



CREED’s role


CREED is responsible for monitoring and evaluation and knowledge management produced within URBAYITI during the 4 years of implementation:

→ Development and implementation of the program monitoring and evaluation system and development of mechanisms and tools for data access, collection and analysis, consistent with the action plans developed by the beneficiaries

→ Capacity building of beneficiaries

→ Development and management of a database for program activities




Expertise France, European Union


More information


On the website Expertise France : Fiche Projet Urbayiti – Gouvernance urbaine et villes résilientes

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