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Development Professional

The implementation of development projects by public institutions and non-governmental actors is hampered by project engineering rules, which are often disconnected from the contexts of intervention.


→ CREED works with you to set up a monitoring and evaluation system for your activities and facilitate the management of resources, promote the production of data generated by your projects and transform them into valuable knowledge.

→ CREED accompanies the implementation of your project through a mentoring practice that reinforces the sustainability and impact of the achievements.

→ CREED carries out project evaluations, ex post and ex ante, with a constructive approach and knowledge production.

Projects led by CREED and its partners produce useful results that improve development practices and strengthen the impact of academic work

CREED meets the needs of its clients by developing bespoke methodologies that allow to learn from experience and promote innovation

CREED draws on its rich experience and broad network of associated experts to share its knowledge through targeted trainings on the stages of the project cycle

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